Moving to a new city, country or continent with your dog can be difficult for you both. Whether you’re flying or driving, they will be put under a bit (or a lot) of stress. This can be a trigger for them to misbehave when you get settled into your new home in the UK, so it’s important to ensure you keep an eye on them and don’t let them get into any bad habits. You wouldn’t want to undo all the training you did with them before! A couple common misbehaviours that dogs show in new houses is jumping up on furniture (beds, couches, etc), and getting into places they shouldn’t in the back yard (gardens, patios, behind the shed, etc).

You can generally keep your dog off the couch or bed with consistent correction when they attempt to climb up. It’s important to be very consistent with this because they will take advantage of the few times they made it up. Soon they will learn that this is not place for them to be going! If you’re still having issues, or they are beginning to scratch, PawsAway has many products that deter cats and dogs from scratching basically anything in your home.

Dealing with a curious dog or puppy can be fun, rewarding, and stressful at times. Dogs will do most of their exploring outside because of all the new smells, sounds and sights. This means that when you let them out in the back yard, they’re free to do whatever (even if you’re supervising them sometimes). Anywhere they are not supposed to, they will find a way in if there is nothing stopping them! Gardens and bushes are one of the hardest things to keep them from because of how easy it may be for them to dig in there, or because of the appeal from so many scents and other small creatures hanging out in there.

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Teaching them how to behave in your new home is going to have to be a priority, so if you notice they are getting into your garden and digging, ruining plants, or getting filthy, it might be time to teach them a little lesson. Lots of people have resorted to wireless/invisible fences to help train their dogs to stay within a certain area. Though this is a similar issue, you are really only trying to keep them out of a certain area! Thankfully, PawsAway also has a nifty device that helps do exactly this. The transmitter basically looks like a little rock (though plastic), and it can deter your pet from up to a 16 foot diameter from the transmitter. Additional wire can be purchased if you have a larger area to keep them out of though. When your dog is wearing the correction collar, they will hear a beeping noise emitted from it as a first stage of deterrence. After they proceed into the boundary, they will receive a gradual static correction emitted through the collar. This is not painful to them, so don’t worry! It’s more just to startle them and let them know that this is not a place they should be. There’s a really good review of this at

It’s important to enjoy your new home and keep the stress to a minimum. If you can get your dog on the same page and back to your normal routines, you’ll be the happiest family there ever was!

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