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Here at Stardust we are dedicated to seeking out genuine vintage accessories from the twentieth century. We have hand-picked each authentic vintage accessory for quality, condition and style. Now they are ready to add some vintage style to your wardrobe.

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Many of our items are highly collectible and would make great additions to any vintage or antique accessory collection. Be it jewellery, powder compacts or handbags you can be sure to find the perfect piece to grace your collection.

We are adding new vintage finds all the time so take a peek at our Latest Arrivals to grab them before they go. We hope you enjoy the Stardust experience!

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The Twenty-Year Old Player was asked to Play in the Hole Behind Forward Yakubu

Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate today praised secret weapon James Morrison after the youngster adapted to a new role at Portsmouth. The twenty-year old player was asked to play in the hole behind forward Yakubu. From here Morrison did a good job and it helped Middlesbrough gain a goalless draw against Portsmouth.

“I had been wanting to try the formation and James was the perfect man to put there because he has done it before with great success for the youth team. I have to thank my back room staff and particularly Malcolm Crosby for looking at the different options,” said Southgate. “We decided to go with this formation and I said to James that he had the best job in football because he had space in which to play. He was able to turn and run with the ball and he was very effective for us. It’s a different type of challenge but the performance was what we were looking for and it’s something we will look at again.”

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Jonathan Woodgate has staked an unanswerable claim to be named in the England squad on Friday following another outstanding performance at Portsmouth last night but is playing it down once again. The Middlesbrough-born defender led by example at the back as Boro earned a goalless draw and recorded their first clean sheet of 2007.

“I don’t think about England. I just think about playing as well as I can for Middlesbrough. If the manager picks me for the England squad that’s fine. Of course I would be happy to return,” said Woodgate But I am concentrating on playing as many games as I can for Middlesbrough and it was great to be part of such a good team performance at Portsmouth last night.” Read more


Dealing with a Curious Dog or Puppy can be Fun, Rewarding, and Stressful at Times.

Moving to a new city, country or continent with your dog can be difficult for you both. Whether you’re flying or driving, they will be put under a bit (or a lot) of stress. This can be a trigger for them to misbehave when you get settled into your new home in the UK, so it’s important to ensure you keep an eye on them and don’t let them get into any bad habits. You wouldn’t want to undo all the training you did with them before! A couple common misbehaviours that dogs show in new houses is jumping up on furniture (beds, couches, etc), and getting into places they shouldn’t in the back yard (gardens, patios, behind the shed, etc).

You can generally keep your dog off the couch or bed with consistent correction when they attempt to climb up. It’s important to be very consistent with this because they will take advantage of the few times they made it up. Soon they will learn that this is not place for them to be going! If you’re still having issues, or they are beginning to scratch, PawsAway has many products that deter cats and dogs from scratching basically anything in your home.

Dealing with a curious dog or puppy can be fun, rewarding, and stressful at times. Dogs will do most of their exploring outside because of all the new smells, sounds and sights. This means that when you let them out in the back yard, they’re free to do whatever (even if you’re supervising them sometimes). Anywhere they are not supposed to, they will find a way in if there is nothing stopping them! Gardens and bushes are one of the hardest things to keep them from because of how easy it may be for them to dig in there, or because of the appeal from so many scents and other small creatures hanging out in there.

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Teaching them how to behave in your new home is going to have to be a priority, so if you notice they are getting into your garden and digging, ruining plants, or getting filthy, it might be time to teach them a little lesson. Lots of people have resorted to wireless/invisible fences to help train their dogs to stay within a certain area. Though this is a similar issue, you are really only trying to keep them out of a certain area! Thankfully, PawsAway also has a nifty device that helps do exactly this. The transmitter basically looks like a little rock (though plastic), and it can deter your pet from up to a 16 foot diameter from the transmitter. Additional wire can be purchased if you have a larger area to keep them out of though. When your dog is wearing the correction collar, they will hear a beeping noise emitted from it as a first stage of deterrence. After they proceed into the boundary, they will receive a gradual static correction emitted through the collar. This is not painful to them, so don’t worry! It’s more just to startle them and let them know that this is not a place they should be. There’s a really good review of this at K9fencereviews.com.

It’s important to enjoy your new home and keep the stress to a minimum. If you can get your dog on the same page and back to your normal routines, you’ll be the happiest family there ever was!

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Finding the Best Trampoline for Kids

Having a trampoline at home can be great fun for the whole family. It can also promote outdoor activity and improve the quality of life. But trampolines can be dangerous, especially to toddlers and small children. This is why you may need to get one made specifically for children.

To find the best trampoline for kids is not as straight forward as it may seem. First of all, you will need to make sure it is safe and portable enough to accommodate even the smallest adventure seekers.

Here are some features to look for in a trampoline that will help you pick the best trampoline for kids.

== Handle Bar ==

Small children are not as stable as grown adults. Popular games – They often struggle to stay on their feet and trip over frequently. On the trampoline, they are move vulnerable to serious injuries such as broken bones.

To eliminate such a threat, some trampoline designs include a permanent or removable handle bar. Kids are less likely to trip over if they have something to hold on to.

== Safety Nets ==

Handle bars are a good safety feature but can restrict the child on the trampoline. For kids who are becoming more stable on their feet between the ages of 4 and 7, you may need to find a different safety device.

For this reason, you will need to find a trampoline with safety nets all around it. This feature prevents the child from falling over and out of the trampoline. At the same time, the child is free to explore different jumps without restrictions.

So, which one is the best trampoline for kids? These two designs could both fit into the category. However, it all depends on the needs of your children. The little toddler could benefit greatly from the handle bar as h/she tries to stand up straight. Your six year old prefer safety nets to keep him/her within the trampoline. Read more review like this..

Written by: Pearl.B